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Joy is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Darklight Studios. She has spent her career in publishing, honing her operations skills during a near decade-long stint at National Geographic School Publishing. After spending years helping others self-publish their books in her "free time," she started her own publishing company Tiger Stripe Publishing (TSP) with a mission to publish children’s books that feature BIPOC characters. TSP has published nearly a dozen children's books by a variety of authors. The company has become a platform to advocate for the creation of more BIPOC content through relationships with organizations such as the American Library Association. Darklight focuses Joy’s overall desire to produce more authentic BIPOC content available for consumers of all ages.




Isaac is the co-founder of Darklight Studios and has considered himself a professional writer since creating his first original story at the age of six (the eponymous comic book, Super-Guy). A former journalist, Isaac helped document the global merger of Black culture with sports and the arts, and as a creative director he’s produced high-level work for brands like Nike and Apple. Isaac is the co-creator of the Super-Q children’s book series; the creator of The Ultra-Shock Barbershop series and The Holloway Society of Young Detectives; and author of the literary thriller, The Deep End of Paradise. Darklight represents Isaac’s passion for original, unexpected BIPOC characters and stories that disrupt the norm and appeal to a wide audience.


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