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is a creative house 
and multimedia


We produce content 
of a different kind.

Our studio 
rejects the negative 
connotation of “dark”
and builds on the brightness 
found in cultures

of color.

We are made of stories.

We are committed 
to originality.

We are fiction 
born from truth, 
and we find freedom 
in creating fantasy.

We are artists.

We believe

in more than

what already exists, 
and we are passionate 
about creating

what no one expects

to come next.

Darklight is…

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© 2023 dark light studios llc

“Super-Q” Copyright © 2023 Joy Triche & Isaac Perry 
“Sparrow”, “The Holloway Society of Young Detectives”,
“The Afterschool Adventure
s of the Ultra-Shock Barbershop”,
“The Deep End of Paradise”, and “M.I.S.” Copyright © 2023 Isaac Perry. 
All rights reserved.

Darklight Studios is represented by IAG

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